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14+ Alex is online, looking at pictures of Vika that are posted on the Russian equivalent of Facebook. He cannot get Vika out of his head ever since he saw her with her friends. Her Internet profile now gives him … Continue reading

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About A Girl

ABOUT A GIRL Charleen is almost 16, strongly occupied with death and prefers music by people who have already died. She does not care about her weird family, school or the usual gossip of other girls. One day, she tries … Continue reading

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ARMAN’S SECRET „Arman’s Secret“ is about the adventures of tough 15-year old Charlie, who is sent to the idyllic horse ranch “Liliental” after a string of heavy arguments and conflicts with her mother. She ist supposed to get some rest … Continue reading

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CONDUCTA For decades, Cuban teacher Carmen has been struggling to improve the school system in her home country. Now, shortly before her retirement, bureaucratic deficits and lacking social care threaten the life of one of her most beloved students: Eleven-year … Continue reading

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